part time believer

25 Mar 2014


There is a definite change in the air here in the playroom,
Autumn is coming in all its misty beauty but that's not all, something is changing in me too.

I have said for so long I couldn't imagine not making dolls, I am never not making dolls, always moving straight from one to another.
I have adored it, I still do but I feel like I need to give a little time to other things as well.
This thing that has consumed me still has a hold on me but I'm finding the need to step back a little, to take more time over each doll.
My work was never rushed but took up so much of my time I lost me a little I think.
This taking time has been happening for the past few weeks anyway,
I am powerless to stop it.
I cannot force myself to move any faster.
 I am all kind of dreamy.
 I'm taking time to be in the garden, inside books, listening to music, thinking.

So there will be still be dolls but  fewer I think, there will still be great joy in my doll making but also time for all the other stuff that makes Jenny Jenny.
 I kind of feel the need to reduce to part time hours for a little while.
 The need to allow other stuff in that will enrich my work and my life.


Does this make sense?
 I'm not sure it does to me.
 It might be only temporary, who knows.
 I don't feel burnt out, just a little wistful.
It's the smell of autumn that does it, wistful, nostalgic maybe even a little melancholy.

Each doll will be precious I think,
as always from the heart
but also from this new place inside me,
 a place that has been whispering,
louder each day until now it is shouting to me
to lift my head and look around .


8 Responses to “part time believer”

  1. I've often wondered Jenny, just how many hours you must have in your days to be able to create as many beautiful dolls as you do. I don't know if I understand it all, but your blog post as usual is gorgeous, specially your photos. Perhaps it is that natural slowing and internalising that comes with winter if only we are still enough to hear it.

    cheers Kate

  2. Your post makes lots of sense....sometimes a stroll down a different path can renew our outlook on life....a little gift to yourself.

  3. Hello Jenny,
    a lovely post with beautiful photos! It makes perfect sense to me. I love your dolls but It is so important to do the things that make you you, as mums we often forget to put ourselves first ever so often.
    Anna xx

  4. Always.............Always..........Follow your Heart! <3

  5. Beautiful post and so very understandable... I bet you will get so much more inspiration if you take your time to enjoy all other beautiful things in life :) Take care! x

  6. Just beautifully written. Take all the time to enjoy all of the pleasures in life besides doll making!

    Many blessings to you and your new adventure!


  7. Good on you. Enjoy exploring your other interests and giving yourself some time. Autumn and winter is all about recuperation and slowing down. I look forward to what spring will bring for you.

  8. Oh Jenny so beautiful. As the wonderous receipient of your beautiful dolls, its a blessing your caring for you. What makes you sing and create must be charished. Fed and protected, to still love each creative moment. To protect that special feeling and not drift to possible indiference. Or as you said losing you, after all its you who make them so precious to us. Andreas doll, Carrie, Alana and all the rest wish you peace and blessed joy.


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