15 Mar 2014

Clementina , my sweet little one.
You really don't like having a bow in your hair do you,
or  sitting still and pretty to have your photo taken

You have in mind a wooden horse and puppies and adventures.
So much to do.
Your pretty bobbed hair, so curly and soft, can be tucked up in your hat so you don't come home with a thousand pieces of grass and flowers and seeds in you hair collected 
as you go tearing over the meadow on your black and white horse

I think you will need boots 
and if you go wading through the tadpole pond 
you can tuck your dress into your knickers to keep it from getting wet
Don't forget a jar to collect the taddies in.
Then jump on your horse and ride home again.

 So many adventures...

6 Responses to “Clemmie”

  1. oh! She is so sweet! I rather LOVE dolls with short hair and couldn't agree more that its practal for hiding up in hats when playing in the forest.... do you have thorn berry near you? Dolls love the pretty bush, but ouch!

    Many Blessings,
    Samantha Disch {Wild Maple Wool}

  2. Will she grow up hating her curly hair like I did mine?

  3. Clemmie is so beautiful :) Kim x

  4. Isn't it strange, ....all your dolls are beautiful, but every now and then an extra special one will come along and pull at your heart-strings. Clementina, is indeed sweet!


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