blue sky days

2 Mar 2014

It seems we have had a summer where good summer weather could be taken for granted. 
We only know that in hindsight though so we couldn't really relax 
and know that we would have many many beautiful blue sky days one after another.

It's been a summer mostly untainted by rain too which is the part that gets annoying.
 Everything is so dry.
 Parts of the garden have just given up. 
Watering them seems to make little difference, they want the good stuff from the sky.

And now we are getting the first smells and flavours of autumn, 
heavy over night dew gives the mornings the right fragrance 
but still no rain to refresh.

I don't like the garden when it's so dry.
 I try to edit out those bits. 
It makes me feel irritated and crabby.

I search for the pretty parts, 
the flowers that haven't given up, 
the leaves that still have a little freshness.

I don't want the blue sky days to disappear,
I'm not ready to slide into winter,
just rain, once a week.
That would be perfect.

3 Responses to “blue sky days”

  1. Beautiful photographs! Looks so lovely where you live and create!

    Samantha Disch {Wild Maple Wool}

  2. I understand your crabiness entirely. Isn't this a funny old world? Our part of the world is knee-deep in water whilst you are enduring drought.

    My latest post celebrates the joys of spring. Our winter, so mild bringing neither frost nor snow, has resulted in trees in blossom in February. That's a first.

    Warmest wishes from an admirer of your dolls,


  3. Hi Jenny,
    I love your photography. I wish my garden was looking as good as
    yours, however the heat and high 30C's have really taken a toll on
    the countryside over here. I'm kind of looking forward to seeing some
    rain and giving the poor old garden a break.
    Cheers, Anita.


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