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9 Feb 2014

Tomorrow morning these three Jammy Kiss dolls will be available in my Indiecart store,
 one for auction, one by lottery and one for straight sale.
This is the usual Jammy Kiss routine.

I am hoping to have Miss India Wren ready for sale by Wednesday of this week 
and she will be sold by auction - it feels like the right way to sell her.

Next weekend a custom Jammy Kiss will be for sale in the auction to support the family of Tara Szetu

Coming up in February will be a couple of ready to go dolls which will be sold comment style here on the blog;  Iris the 14" dolly with the brushed mohair hair and another doll,
 still in my imagination who will have this yummy yarn for her hair.

I plan to begin the Bloomsbury inspired collection of dolls after Easter.
 I think they will be a variety of sizes and will be sold in a variety of ways.

Custom dolls for this year will be organised in March with the details being sent out in the newsletter
 ( you can subscribe using the form in the sidebar)

I am hoping to have Jammy Kiss dolls available every three or four weeks,
I'll see how I go.

Oh and the little give away doll should be ready soon.

I think that is it for the moment, 
well I think that is enough really,
 don't want to be too organised,
that would never do.

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