28 Feb 2014

I have so enjoyed watching this little one come into being.
Seraphina, she is gentle and strong, inquisitive and thoughtful.
There is no holding her back, she wants to taste and experience all the world has to offer.

Because of her and because of the first hint of autumn in the air I have been tempted out into my parched late summer garden to look for treasures. And when you get down to Seraphina height  and see the world through her eyes everything does look enchanted.

The colours she wears are the neutral colours of late summer, she doesn't have to shout out that she exists, she wants to feel like she is part of her surroundings, so that if she stays very still a butterfly might land on her hand and tickle her.

She likes to sit and listen and think thoughts, big thoughts about how beautiful her world is so her heart is almost bursting and she has to write down the poems that are in her head. And she has to climb the tallest tree or maybe just the leafiest tree so that she can see what the birds see. She likes to lie on the grass and look up to watch the sky.  She is away in her own world for so long she forgets the time until her tummy is so growly that she has to go home for dinner.

I think she will grow up to be an adventurer and a protector. A protector of the beautiful natural things in the world and of quiet spaces where people can go to think and breathe and remember who they really are.

Seraphina is just under 17" tall and of course made from all natural materials. She has cotton tricot skin fabric, Tasmanian wool stuffing, her face is hand embroidered.

Sera's hair is hand spun hand dyed tail spun mohair and it is glorious. The yarn is somewhat fragile and would suit and older child, probably 6 years or older or an adult collector but it must be an adult who is prepared to take Seraphina into the forest, often.

She has a small piece of tea dyed cotton lace to tie her locks out of her face but she also has a hand knit woollen shawl to do the same job  when the exploring is more adventurous and she has a Forest bonnet for when the weather is cold, maybe even snowy and there is so much to see in the woods. Her bonnet is made from felted wool and felted cashmere, two of my own cardigans sacrificed for the greater good and edged with handstitched blanket stitch.

Now for clothes Seraphina has a soft muslin dress, the bodice is fully lined and secures with shell buttons down the back. The dress is trimmed with a gorgeous  scalloped edge cotton lace.
Her bloomers are the softest check brushed cotton in beautiful autumn colours. The very softest fluffiest side is on the inside of the bloomers so that Sera is very cosy.
She has long black cotton stockings and brown woollen boots.

I have also made her a patchwork treasure bag, it ties over her shoulder with some satin ribbon.
Oh and she can wear her shawl around her head, around her shoulders or even around her waist.

If you would like to give Seraphina a home  email me at 
and please include your paypal address.
This offer is now closed
 Payment is due on receipt of the invoice.
Seraphina's price is $495USD plus shipping $25 in Australia and $45 international

Thank  you so much for loving Seraphina, she loves you too.

( there are more picture over here )

8 Responses to “Seraphina”

  1. Would love to give this wonderful doll a home:)

    1. Could you email me with your details at that way I can keep all the names in the one place and no one gets missed out of the draw. Thanks.

  2. I love Seraphina and we would welcome her into our home.

    1. I am so pleased you love Seraphina. Could you email me with your details at that way I can keep all the names in the one place and no one gets missed out of the draw. Thanks.

  3. I have an almost 8 year old who would love to take Seraphina into the woods, every day, collecting treasures. Thanks! Catherine at

  4. I love you Seraphina, you are adorable!
    Have a fabulous weekend!
    Hugs from Portugal,
    Ana Love Craft


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