seeking Suri

18 Feb 2014

We went to the Evandale market on Sunday because I had organised to meet up with a stallholder to buy some special supplies.

There was lots to look at, the market seemed busy with stalls selling lots of treasures.

I would have liked a really good browse but I was on a mission.
We did buy some excellent vegies from Stephen's favourite stall, down to earth Tassie farmers

But once we had found the  Chakaya Alpaca stall I was ushered around to the truck behind the stall to view their stash of Suri Alpaca fleece.
It's very yummy, I bought two bags.
It needs to be washed but I will have fun playing with it and maybe make another doll just as beautiful as India Wren

5 Responses to “seeking Suri”

  1. It looks like I am looking at the floor of an hairdressing salon...after someone has had their locks cut off!

  2. We have visited the Evandale Market twice (but not recently) and found it a remarkable place to purchase lots of lovely food and goodies. Will have to look out for that stall next time...

    1. I think they are normally at a market in Huonville, they are not often at Evandale.


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