Give away winner

17 Feb 2014

Such a wonderful and heart warming response to my little dolly give away.

The randomly drawn winner is Jule of  Jule & Consorten

Congratulations Jule and thank you to everyone who took the time to enter.

8 Responses to “Give away winner”

  1. Lucky ducky Jule!! Enjoy the little dear!

  2. Congratulations Jule. :-)

  3. Enjoy her, Jule!!!! <3 Congratulations!!!

  4. Unbelievable! I am very, very touched, oh, dear little girl, now you have a long, long journey ahead of you ... round the world... sweet dreams in your package ....and a warm hug to you, Jenny, you make me very happy! Yours, JULE

    1. Hi Jule, can you email me your details so I can ship Esmerlda to you. My email is


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