scenes from my January house

11 Jan 2014

furniture reorganised to make room for returning grown up children and visitors
my favourite knitting chair ends up next to the window instead of next to the fire
a perfect spot for summer's mornings.

Mr Fixit junior, fixing it,
 or trying

Too many board games to fit in the cupboard
time for a  clean out
time for a garage sale

crushed parcel
I mentioned to the postie the parcel was a bit of a mess
he agreed
glad we sorted that one out

a little dog who is everyone's very best friend 
and such a sweetie.

3 Responses to “scenes from my January house”

  1. You were lucky that parcel still had your name and address intact on it! Looks like it went through the washing machine!

  2. What a sweet-faced doggy! Happy January, Jenny.

  3. Hi Jenny- I love seeing the little bits and pieces of your home. I'm always fascinated with how other people live and your home looks cozy and full of life. Have a lovely day!


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