Myrtle Cottage

2 Jan 2014

For Christmas I was given a vintage sideboard.
For the moment it is living in the kitchen but will be destined for the Playroom once little jenny wren dolls incorporated moves out of there.

Audrey came to live with us at Christmas too
 but as yet hasn't found a home so she is living in the kitchen also.

The sideboard is from the late 50s/ early 60s.
We think it may have been made by a home carpenter
and it is made from Tasmanian myrtle though the colour has faded 

Myrtle is quite popular in this house.
Stephen built our bed out of  it, he built a trunk out of it.
The kitchen benches and shelves are myrtle and the wardrobe that we inherited from my sister is myrtle.
The bathroom cupboards are myrtle and the child sized table and chairs Stephen built as well as the little barn and animals he made for Louis when he was just a tot are all Tasmanian myrtle.

Perhaps we should name our house Myrtle Cottage

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