Miss Betty

27 Jan 2014

I have much pleasure in presenting Betty for auction.

Betty has been living with me all summer and now she is really happy to be looking for a home of her own.
She is 16.5" tall and a Sweet Child style doll, so her trunk and legs are all in one piece but she can of course sit without support.

Betty is a little bit special, well very special of course but she has something none of my previous dolls have. She has some facial needle felted sculpting to give her her sweet little chin.

As with all my dolls she is made from all natural materials; cotton knit skin fabric, Tasmanian wool stuffing, hand embroidered face. her hair is a handmade wefted goat's hair wig and can be combed and styled.

Now her clothes. I have to say Betty was completely in charge of her wardrobe choice. She is wearing a Japanese cotton voile smock dress trimmed with cotton lace, pale pink polka dot cotton bloomers trimmed with pom poms, a woolen handknit cardigan with a fairisle yoke, striped cotton socks, hand made wool felt shoes and a handknit wool beanie.

She does look adorable, she did choose well.

Betty will travel to her new home with her little friend Dolly who is a woollen handknit doll stuffed with wool.

Betty and her clothes and her little friend are all handwashable.
This doll and her clothes and accessories are not suitable for children aged 4 years or younger.

More pictures can be seen here 

4 Responses to “Miss Betty”

  1. She's so sweet, Jenny. I love the floral pattern you've chosen for her. I've just spent a very pleasant time catching up on past posts / dolls that I've missed. You are so talented. x

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Amy, so sorry but I forgot to add a link to the auction and it was held earlier today.

    2. Oh, okay. I'm on the east side of the US, so I was a little late in seeing this. She is so beautiful and I love her curls. I'm from a family of curly girls, so she was especially cute to me. I love your work!!!


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