Bloomsbury inspiration

24 Jan 2014

Over the summer I have been reading about Virginia Woolf and Vanessa Bell and the Bloomsbury set and though there may have been problems here and there, who can deny the wonder and joy of growing up in a household of artists, of paint and colour and creativity all around.

The children are Julian, Quentin and Angelica, Amaryllis, Henrietta, Nerissa ( Nel) and Frances, Julian, Cressida and Virginia.

My Bloomsbury inspired summer has led to some Bloomsbury inspired dolls, still only sketches and notes and pieces of fabric and yarn but they will be a joy to create.

I have beautiful linens and voiles and Liberty prints, handspun and dyed yarns and embroidery threads and designs in mind.

The first group will be the original children, Vanessa's three offspring; Julian, Quentin and Angelica. 

As my three children come and go and come and go these summer holidays I am sketching and dreaming and planning and soon starting my Bloomsbury inspired children

One Response to “Bloomsbury inspiration”

  1. Can't wait to see these children emerge, I think they are going to be something special Jenny!

    Cheers, Karen near Gympie.


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