best things about Jammy Kiss dolls...

11 Jan 2014

I just love the pattern, I just love the pattern.
Elegant simplicity, not too much or too little, just right
and somehow there is personality in every thing they do
in every pose they take
goodness they almost talk
they definitely giggle

I love the hair colours I get to experiment with 
and the unruliness of their hair 
and the softness of their hair 
and the wonderful lady who dyes the hair for me

I love the yarns I get to use, 
the handspun,
 the hand dyed,
 the soft, 
 the bouncy yarns, 
love them all

I love the simple but classic clothes, 
so comfortable, 
so sweet, 
so energetic , 
so bundled.

I love that this idea brewed and was shaped for so long in my mind, my imagination
 that when it finally came out it was like SHAZZAM!
all the parts were there and they all fitted together perfectly.

I love the whole package and I love that you love them too

Thank you

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