almost time for a give away

29 Jan 2014

A little give away is on order, the number of blog followers has hit a magic number, 600, though I know many of you haven't clicked on the google follow thingy and instead subscribe through Bloglines or email or by clicking on a link list on one of your favourite blogs, 
and some pop over when I link from my Facebook page. 
Whatever, it doesn't matter we must have a little give away. 

I have a little poppet doll who needs some hair and clothes, I don't have a picture of her but she will be like the one above, maybe different hair.
 Anyway once she is done I will share and we will have a give away.
  How does that sound?

I will keep you posted..

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    1. The give away hasn't begun yet, I will do a new post with the finished doll and then add your name :)

  2. Great idea! Your dolls are so sweet...they make me fly to my childhood and to my lovely grandmother Mila.... I love your work you are awesome! I'll be in touch.
    Hope you have a wonderful week!
    Hugs from Portugal,

    Ana Love Craft

  3. I've just dropped by through blogchicks..Love a giveaway, your dolls are very cute and remind me of the childhood dolls with sweet cherub faces

  4. That would be very nice. I think a lot of you're followers will take part in it.
    You'r dolls are lovely.

  5. I became #600 last week. I stumbled onto your blog, and am in love with all the sweet faces. Can't wait to see how this one turns out.

  6. Your dolls are exquisite! And congratulations on hitting 600!

    Warmest wishes from a fellow-stitcher in France,


  7. She is lovely; she looks into the world with such confidence that all will be well. Wouldn't if be wonderful if all the world's children could have that confidence?

  8. Dear Jenny, I am a doll maker too, from the other side of the world ; )) , good old germany ; ) - and I like to stay hear at your blog! Your little lady is very lovely!


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