Almost at the end of the holidays

31 Jan 2014

The summer holidays are almost over.
 School starts back next week and Stephen goes back to work as well,.

One way or another people in this house have been on holidays since the middle of November and there has been constant coming and going which has been fun and just the way things are now.

My studio is not even started but things are happening.
 To start the studio a whole lot of other stuff has to happen, things have to find new homes, 
some permanent , some temporary. 
We will get there in the end one way or another.

Through it all I have been making dolls.
It's always a constant.
 It seems I can't not make dolls.

And because each doll takes so long to make I have a backlog of ideas, so there are sketches and stories and descriptions here,there and everywhere.

I have started a Pinterest page for one little girl as a place to gather and keep my ideas for her.
You might like to meet India Wren

Oh and the little gal up the top is modelling my latest knitting pattern that is almost published, it should be available sometime this weekend in my Etsy shop and on Ravelry

2 Responses to “Almost at the end of the holidays”

  1. You should be writing books about these dolls. That sketch reminds me of Shirley Hughes for some reason.

    1. Shirley Hughes is one of my favourite authors and illustrators so i am very flattered. I haven't looked at her books in ages. Now you have mentioned her I will have to have a Shirley fest


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