pretty poppets

1 Dec 2013

I have only made a handful of very small dolls this year and this is the second handful. They were originally made for the market we went to at the beginning of November but only two were dressed for the occasion.
These little dolls present their own particular set of needs.
I often knit their clothes because the small sewing doesn't suit me, well not for five dolls at a time and I love the little knitted outfits, tiny knitting is very satisfying.

This lot now have new hair and are in the process of being dressed...

and I am liking them very much.
Their hair is teddy bear mohair fabric and it is a dream to use for tiny wigs.
The girls little hats are felted woollen fabric and it is  just the right thickness and drape for a little pixie style bonnet.

These three girls and two boys will be available later this week,
when everyone has their clothes and is looking supercute.

6 Responses to “pretty poppets”

  1. Oh, Jenny, I wish I could have one! But, not sure I can afford it at present! I will keep working and watching. One day... Kaye x

  2. I LOVE the little knitted orange dress! I can crochet anything, but I CANNOT knit to save my life. I'm always envious of little knitted things for dolls. I'm not usually a fan of orange, but that particular shade is perfection on the sweet little dolly. Maybe like orange sherbet???


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