Just Jenny

30 Dec 2013

A new year is almost upon us, 2014.
I have to say I am quietly satisfied with 2013.
 I zig zagged my way through the year, between family responsibilities and lots of fun
and dolly obsession and more fun.
It has been a good year.

Fingers crossed that 2014 will see the start and finish of my doll making studio so I can liberate the house from all my clutter.

 I dream of having a little space all of my own,
where once I step through the door I can just be Jenny the dollmaker.
Wouldn't that be magic.

Isn't it great to know just who you are and what you were meant to be
 even if it was a round about course to get there.
That's magic too.

( not sad just tired and thinking)

13 Responses to “Just Jenny”

  1. i wish you the best, and the best is also you own room. lots of love

  2. oh a studio, a space of your own. Enjoy!
    I love the last photo of you Jenny,

    cheers kate

  3. seems my comment disappeared.
    Love the last photo of you Jenny.
    Enjoy your studio, a space of your own. Yay

    cheers kate

  4. You Jenny are awesome, just like the dolls you make are awesome. I hope your dream comes true.
    Susanne :)

  5. My goodness isn't Kate like you! I adore your hair colour Jenny, mine is still very salt and peppery.

  6. Best wishes on the studio....I know how important that is. I have a "sewing room" but it's not big enough and I wind up spreading my dollmaking stuff all over the place anyway. (Maybe I just need to switch out rooms so I can squeeze an easy chair and a t.v. into the sewing room?"

  7. Shall keep my fingers crossed until you get that studio Jenny! Thank you for all the dolly love in 2013 and looking forward to seeing your creations in 2014.
    Happy New Year to you and your family.
    Cheers, Karen near Gympie.

  8. So sad to hear you will not be making dolls...sigh...you make---by way far---the cutest WDs on earth. I have looked at 'everyone' who makes these dolls, and ..
    .not even close!
    I know what it's like to need a space of your own...what will you make there? whatever it is, I'm sure it will be beautiful, and will bring you joy.
    I'll keep your fllickr page bookmarked so I can see your dollies often.
    Blessings, ^__^

    1. Oh I will never stop making dolls, never. I'm just hoping for a space of my own to work in

  9. No...wait! Did I read that right? Are you starting and finishing your new studio in 2014, so you don't have clutter around the house?
    I'm hoping this second interpretation is the correct one!
    Again, blessings ^__^

    1. yep that's it, so we have more room in our little house.


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