10 Dec 2013

I have great pleasure in presenting my final ready to go doll for 2013,
 my Pink Snowberry Jammy Kiss.

The Jammy Kiss doll is made with the special Jammy construction of floppy but well stuffed limbs , their long legs have knee joints and big rag doll feet, the arms have elbow joints.
They are firmly stuffed but very posable. They can sit unsupported and seem to love to sit dangling their legs over the edge of a shelf or a piano or a cupboard.

The Jammy Kiss doll has been a long time in the creation stage and now they have become real little dolls they just delight me every time I look at them or pick them up.
They are wonderfully photogenic and so much fun to have around, a great little companion.
 I have kept the very first one for myself.

This little one is going to be auctioned on 10th December at 12pm AST ( that's 9th Dec. at 8pm EST for my North American readers)

Here is a link to her auction.

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