Tear up the Lists

28 Dec 2013



Christmas is done and dusted.
My most favourite day of the year, Boxing Day, has also come and gone and was thoroughly enjoyed.

Do you love Boxing Day? 
The day when you start to breathe freely again as the lists start to disappear.
The lists of food to buy, food to prepare, gifts to organise, places to be, things not to forget.
Whether you wrote them down or kept them in your head  I'll bet you are relieved they are disappearing, I know I am and I can return to my usual not very organised self.

This weekend our house will temporarily  empty a little and I am hoping I can do a little dolly work.
I have dolls I want to make, some things I want to try out but I feel a little guilty becoming absorbed in dolly world when the family are all here. 
I also have a great stack of books to read, this is going to be my Virginia Woolf summer so best to get off the computer and on with my day.

Hope your Christmas season has been joyful and peace filled.


2 Responses to “Tear up the Lists”

  1. Do try to get hold of Virginia Woolf's Garden by Caroline Zoob. I think you'd enjoy it. Have a happy new year. Yours was one of the first blogs I ever read and I'm so glad you have kept going. I may have reason to buy one of your dolls this year!

    1. I have it Lucille and I love it so much. I love Caroline's work and I knew that she had lived at Monk's house. When I heard about her book about the Woolf's garden I ordered it straight away. It's wonderful!


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