20 Nov 2013

Violet is a 21" Sweet Child style doll.
She is wearing a Liberty print smock top and ,linen trousers, hand knit shoes and scarf and stripey socks.

Violet likes to play tricks, she likes to climb and shout and whistle but she also likes to sit very very still to see if the butterfly will land on her toes and be very quiet so she can hear the birds sing.

You can see more photos on Flickr

Violet will be available tomorrow at 1pm AEST in my Indiecart store
You can check what time it will be in your time zone here 

2 Responses to “Violet”

  1. Love your amazing Roses! And your positive and cheerful attitude. Don't we all want to dance through life with the heart of a child?

  2. Violet is so lovely! Her hair is a triumph.


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