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To the Garden...

11 Nov 2013

Monday morning and we have had rain overnight to water the garden.
Stephen has been working so hard in the garden and it is looking a treat.
I love it when he takes over the garden work and he is doing it more and more lately.

I know it is only early November but I can actually smell the Tasmanian smells of Christmas in the air.
It makes me feel so happy, such a lovely time of year and we will all be together in the house for the first time in ages. Louis has now finished his honours year at Uni and has some big decisions to make about his future so I think there will be a lot of discussions about that.

For me though there is a lot of work to do before I can fully give in to the holiday feeling.
I think every doll is special because they go off to become a part of someone's life, someone's childhood. I have happy memories of dolls and toys that shared my young life and it makes me very happy to know that the  things I create here in the playroom will be part of someone else's  memories. 
But dolls that are going to be part of the magic of Christmas seem to have an extra special job to do and I adore being involved with that.

I will try to make sure though that I spend as much time as I can in the garden enjoying the best of this spring season before it disappears. I have a pile of books to read too and at the moment I am on a Caroline Zoob and Virginia Woolf  fest.

I have enjoyed Caroline's embroidery work for many years and have loved it when I have come across her in various magazines and books and been given a glimpse of her work space.
For  more than a decade Caroline and her husband lived at Monk's House, the former home of Virginia and Leonard Woolf, and cared for the garden.

When I found out Caroline had written a book about the garden , Virginia Woolf's Garden,  I couldn't wait to buy the book and it is beautiful  to look at and to read. Her  love and respect for the house and garden and for Leonard and Virginia are obvious throughout the book and have inspired me to read, really read some of Virginia's work. I have attempted  To the Lighthouse a couple of times and dabbled with Virginia's diaries but this summer I am hoping to read  Mrs Dalloway and go on from there

8 Responses to “To the Garden...”

  1. Hi Jenny, not sure which is the cutest part of this blog post...your gorgeous doggie or that amazing jammy kiss - both have stolen my heart! x

    1. Thanks Tracey, I think the doggie might win because she is just such a funny little sweetie

  2. A beautiful post, Jenny. You have made me so happy with your talk of gardens, Virginia Woolf, and dolls. To The Lighthouse and Orlando changed my perception of literature and life as a teenager and dolls, well, they will continue to make me happy for a long, long time!


    1. So lovely to hear from you Stephanie. I haven't visited your blog ( or many others) for quite q while but I do see your lovely bunnies pop up on Facebook. Now I must pop over and visit your blog.

  3. We too are spending a lot of time in our garden, trying to rejuvenate & re-mulch some garden beds before the Summer heat comes. I love your thought about how making dolls for Christmas is a little bit extra special, as many adults do have fond memories of the doll they received at Christmas time. Even though my childhood doll was not handmade, my Mum did sew and knit outfits for her, and I still have that doll now.

    1. My Christmas dollies were mass produced dolls that came in clothes that mum had sewn and knitted. Did you know they sold many dolls clothed or unclothed so that mums and grans and aunties could customise the clothing themselves.

  4. Hi Jenny. Thank you for this little treat in a hectic week! It is so calming to read your blogs and enervates me to continue with my work! What a nice thought to imagine your little girls and boys being discovered on Christmas morning! Kaye x

  5. I was thinking of you yesterday as I was discussing how I am struggling for what to do on my blog now that the girls are older and liz asked me to do "Day in a Life" again for 2014.


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