The Sweet Child Doll

19 Nov 2013

For those of you who own and love the Sweet Child style doll I would like to present this design in its latest incarnation.

For those of you who have not yet discovered the Sweet Child prepare to be enchanted.

The Sweet Child is an ode the elegance of the child who has emerged from toddlerdom and preschool days into the enchanted years of childhood.
 The body transforms from the sweet roundness and softness of the early years and an elegant butterfly  magically appears, long limbs and a face wide eyed with the wonder of the world.

The Sweet Child doll first appeared in April 2010 and has undergone only minor changes since then.
In 2012 the 14" size was added.
Last month I made over the pattern and the sweetest doll appeared just the way I wanted her to.
The shoulders are a little narrower, the hands a little bigger. There is some waist definition and though she has always been able to sit alone now she sits even better.

The first one made was Annie, a 17" doll.
This one, Violet is 21" tall.
I have a 14" doll just waiting for me to have time to work with her.

These new Sweet Child dolls have ears as well so they don't have to miss one single little bird song.

For you I present
The little jenny wren Sweet Child Doll.

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