13 Nov 2013

the little jenny wren shoe, a simple knitted doll shoe

Here is a sweet and simple little shoe pattern for you.
It is very versatile and just by changing needle size and / or yarn thickness 
it will fit many different size dolly feet.

I have used 4mm ( US 6) needles and 8ply ( DK, double knit) yarn to make shoes to fit a 6.5cm (2.5") slim foot but being a knitted shoe it is quite stretchy and may fit other sizes and shapes of feet. 
The foot shown here is from a little jenny wren 17" doll.

so, to begin...

Cast on 15 stitches leaving a long tail of about 30cm ( 12")

Row 1:  Increase in each stitch across the row. (30 stitches)

Row 2 - 11:  work  in garter stitch  (that is each row is plain knitting).

Row 12:  knit 10, knit 2 together 5 times, knit 10. (25 stitches)

Row 13: Cast off ( bind off) 16 stitches, knit to end of row ( 9 stitches)

Row 14: Cast off ( bind off) 6 stitches, knit 3.

To make the shoe strap work on just these 3 stitches.

Knit 12 rows

Now make the buttonhole in this way: knit 1, slip 1, knit 1, pass slip stitch over.

Next row, knit 1, increase in next stitch ( 3 stitches)

Cast off ( bind off), leave a tail of about 15cm ( 6")

Repeat for second shoe.

To make up:

First you will need to do a couple of blanket stitches around the buttonhole to give it more definition. Use the cast off tail, thread a needle and pass it through the knitting to wear you want to do the stitches. Once you have done this weave the end through your knitting and snip it off.

Now fold the shoe in half

and stitch along the sole of the shoes and up the back seam 
using the long tail that you left when you began knitting.

Stitch on a button and you are done.

Left and right shoe are made in the same way just stitch them up 
so that the shoe straps are on opposite sides.

Please feel free to sell your finished shoes alone or on a doll
 with a pattern credit to little jenny wren dolls and a link to my blog.


  1. You have made my day Jenny! I love knitting dolly shoes!

    1. It is just a very simple pattern Karyn but I think you will enjoy it and of course it can be customised in lots of ways by changing the stitches, adding bows etc. I do have more complicated patterns but they will come later.

  2. Thank you Jenny, I shall send some dolly shoes to Israel.

  3. It's a very beautiful shoe. I hope the pattern is popular among enthusiasts and those trying to make a homemade Christmas this year. :)

  4. Hi Jenny
    I made my first doll a while back but up until now she has had bare feet! I am sure she will be very grateful to you, (as am I) for this cute shoe pattern. Thank you very much for sharing it.

  5. Such a perfect and adorable shoe! Thank you so much for sharing this pattern, for those of us who are cobbler-challenged :-)


  6. grazie mille Jenny sei stata chiarissima, ora provo a preparare le mie prime scarpette per bambola fatte a maglia.... a presto
    Patri e..... grazieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  7. Thanks for sharing this lovely little pattern.

  8. I'm sorry, the directions don't seem to make much sense to me.
    Am I casting on 15 or 30 stiches?

    (Cast on 15 stitches leaving a long tail of about 30cm ( 12")
    Row 1: Increase in each stitch across the row. (30 stitches)

    I casted on 15 stiches, and when it said to increase each stich until 30, I did so by first knitting a full row and then casted on a new stich until 30 were made...looking at your picture though, the pattern you created and the one I just finished do not look the same?!

    Everything else I pretty much understand.

    Thank you

    1. Hi Jennalyn, you need to increase in every stitch in that first row so that the first row goes from 15 stitches to 30 stitches. There is no other increasing in the body of the shoe. Once you have completed the first row you will have 30 stitches. Hope this helps.

    2. hmm...I think I understand now and will give it another shot. Thank you.

  9. You'll have to forgive me, its been a long since I picked up my knitting needles.
    When I came to the part of casting off, or binding off the 16 stiches and then the six, how do you get the "yarn line" to follow you? I don't actually know what the "life line" is called. Each time I casted off the stiches, I had to cut the line and tie it back onto a new stich to finish out my rows...is this normal? Am I making the tiny shoe right?

    1. It will still work that way but it isn't necessary. Row 13 is cast off 16 stitches and then knit to the end so you still have 9 stitches on your needle. Row 14 you begin by casting off 6 stitches and then the yarn will be there ready to knit the 3 stitches you have left.

  10. Hi, can you please tell me that what will be the completed size of the shoes in inches or in cms?

  11. oops, please accept my apologies, i didn't notice the length of the shoe is already mentioned in the beginning.


  12. Using 4 ply and 3.25mm needles your lovely pattern made shoes to fit my little doll. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Hi Ann, thank you so much for taking the time to let me now. I'm so pleased my pattern was useful for you.

  13. Thanks so much,Jenny.
    I almost cannot believe how easy and how cute this is.


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