snooze and sneeze

26 Nov 2013

I am up very early.
 I seem to have caught a cold, from my son who brought the bug home with him from Uni. 
So I am sneezing and blowing my nose and feeling bleary eyed and I just couldn't sleep any longer.
 It's nearly 5am and the sun will be up soon, the birds will start stirring and the dawn chorus will begin. 
Actually I can hear the first of them now so I don't feel so alone. 
Company but not the kind that asks anything of you, no conversation or concentration I can just enjoy their early morning sounds.

My cup of tea is almost finished. 
Tea is a more gentle start when really I should still be asleep and probably will be in a few hours when those who leave for school and work have gone to start their day. 
This little doll is one I finished off over the weekend and she has already found her home. 
She is simple and sweet and quite small and delicate looking .
 Her name is Bonnie and she is, a bonnie wee lassie. 
There are still dolls to be finished, in time to ship and arrive before Christmas but that's OK, we will get there but just for today I may need to snooze, sneeze, complain and drink tea.

3 Responses to “snooze and sneeze”

  1. Bonnie is adorable and delicate looking. I love all your dolls, but once in awhile, a particular one will just melt my heart in a special way. I hope she's gone to a home where she will be squeezed and loved every day. Also hope you get over that sneezy stuff very fast.

  2. Hope your feeling better Jenny. Amazing how a simple cold can make us feel so lousy! I love your Doll's colourful jumper & hat.


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