good bye

6 Nov 2013

Yumi with the sad face is heading off today to travel cross the ocean to her new home so far away.

Creating and dressing this doll has been a journey
we have come to know each other so well
she is endlessly photographable
she wears her clothes just as I imagined she would
she is a joy and I know she will be loved.

New patterns were created for her and I also discovered some new designs on Etsy which I used for her shoes and her little mouse friend

Goodbye Yumi, have a wonderful dolly life.

6 Responses to “good bye”

  1. Jenny - I saw the heading in Pinterest - "Life and Dolls: Good bye", and I could not get to your blogsite fast enough. Whew! You gave me a fright.

  2. Oh dear. Sorry Jennie, I didn't even think of that. Too wrapped up in what I am doing I guess.

  3. Yum I will be missed! Perhaps her new family will send you a picture so that we can all see where she will,spend her life! Kaye x

  4. She is so gorgeous. Would love one the same (little longer fringe) for my granddaughter. What age is suggested for these dolls please?

    1. The dolls are best suited to children five years and older

  5. She's so sweet and I love her mouse.
    I bet it's hard to send a special little somebody away to who knows who, really. She will be loved, I'm sure.


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