Cross stitch and pencil sharpening

22 Nov 2013

While dolly was finding out how to sharpen pencils and other vital facts 
I have been crocheting doll wigs and poring over the pages of my new book.

It is so beautiful.
It is all in French so I have a little translating to do to truly enjoy the poems and recipes and sweet tales but I don't need a translator to enjoy the pictures and imagine the lovely cross stitch pictures I could make with these lovely designs.

The book, Mon Imagier Retro by  Veronique Enginger 
came from this lovely shop and it is such a treat.

One Response to “Cross stitch and pencil sharpening”

  1. I am sitting at work...doing au point de croix ...

    Looks like a gorgeous book, will you be doing some patterns from it or is it just a picture book?


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