School holidays

2 Oct 2013

We have rain, again.
Not just a springtime sun shower but a windy blowy driving rain that seems to be determined to give us lots of practise  at being inside.

No flooding of the playroom this time though a little puddle has appeared on the window ledge.
I think the horses are enjoying it, I mean who doesn't love a splash in a puddle.
The washing that didn't dry on Monday is now completely sodden and wrapping itself around
 the wires of the clothesline. 
But we have books to read and dolls to make, Larkrise to Candleford to watch 
and crochet and knitting to be done. 
It's school holidays and Katie is unwell so a warm cosy fire and rainy weather is entirely suitable.

Hopefully though Katie and the weather will improve soon.

One Response to “School holidays”

  1. Oh Jenny, up here, in Queensland, it is getting warmer by the day. We are so desperate for some of your rain. I, however, will sew in any weather. Hope Katie and the weather improve quickly. Kaye x


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