the notepads of stuff

13 Oct 2013

Last day of the spring school holidays and Kate has just 6 weeks to go before she has finished her high school years. 
Can you believe it, my little girl. 
But of course that means exams will happen in that time too.
 In fact each member of the family whether they are here or away at uni have a pretty intense time ahead 
with work deadlines, exams and markets. 

This is the time when my running lists of to dos becomes my most important tool plus my calendar 
so I know who is doing what and when, 
so that I remember to send an encouraging good luck message before an exam 
and a follow up phone call to find out how it all went.
 My lists help me break down each dolly order into small manageable steps, 
so I can make the most use of each little or large block of time. 
My lists help me keep on top of household stuff like feeding the family, paying bills 
because it is so easy to let it all slide and then get into a bit of a mess.

I actually have a brand new note pad to use for this busy time.
I like to break my working year up into user friendly blocks of 6 weeks 
with 4 weeks off over Christmas and set goals based around that time frame. 
I don't need to think any further ahead than that, it just gets overwhelming. 
It seems to be a time frame that works well for families and households  too and I have a notepad for each six week block. 
They are not just lists but doodles and sketches and dolly ideas, knitting patterns I dream up, 
gift ideas and books I want to read, movies to see.
 You know the kind of stuff, 
my note pads of stuff.

So today I will open my new notepad.
I will begin my lists and I will start to get organised for the final push, helping to get my family through this last exhausting phase of their working year so that we still have time for plenty of laughs 
and we are all well fed and cared for 
and we will be ready to move smoothly 
into that most magical time of 
Advent and summer and freedom.

7 Responses to “the notepads of stuff”

  1. Wow six weeks busy times ahead indeed. Good luck to Kate in her exams. It's always so nice to start a new notebook isn't it , all those empty pristine pages filled with potential it reminds me of the start of a new school year when you got all your new exercise books freshly covered in brown paper with you name written on the front. I' don't know where I'd be with out my notebook - lost in a sea of paper and half finished projects I guess. Do you keep your notebooks when they're full?

    1. Yes I do keep them for at least a year then I go through and rip out the mess and keep the best bits.

  2. Jenny, I love the idea of 6 week blocks, can't believe I haven't been doing that. This year has been one of extreme stress and anxiety for our family and honestly I just feel completely overwhelmed when I look at the big picture and muddle headed the rest of the time. Things that I used to be so on top of have been completely missed and the thought of Christmas just send me into complete denial. I'm going to find myself a note book and start today with just planning the next 6 weeks, taking things in managable bites and leaving some spaces for self care too..
    Thank you Jenny for your wisdom
    cheers Kate

    1. I hope it helps a little Kate and sorry you have had such a tough year

  3. Hope your note pad is full of happy days ahead.

  4. Oh my goodness! Kate is about to finish school? All the best to you for the exams Kate from an old schoolmarm.


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