blankets and quilts

21 Oct 2013

It's that time of the year when you think you don't need to light the fire in the evening and then around 9ish you start to feel rather chilly and so the blankets and quilts are strewn around the room covering cold knees and toesies and need to be tamed each morning.

It's still cool enough to encourage wooly crafts and Kate is crocheting up a storm making a few lovelies to add to my stall at the upcoming Mathilda's Market

There is so much bursting healthy green in the garden it almost hurts your eyes and makes you breathe deeply especially after the rain which seems to be a constant companion this spring.
Such a beautiful season, so full of promise and energy.

Some Christmas planning is underway. 
 We will be having a small Christmas this year although I think it will be in three parts, a few days before with my sister then Christmas Day with my own little family and the two grandmothers and then again a few days after Christmas with my brother. 

And, for all the work I have to do between now and mid December when I begin my holidays,
 I am surprisingly relaxed and mellow.

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  1. Yes! I know exactly what you mean.......didn't light the fire last night and also tossed up about filling a hottie (I didn't) SOON it will be warm and sunny.


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