Annie, looking for a home

17 Oct 2013

There is so much to love about Annie.
That little face, so sweet, so trusting.

Her hair, the colour of ripe apricots and that toss of pretty curls.

She knows.
She knows that people stop and stare at her hair and that's OK
She knows that those who get to hear her stories almost forget the colour of her hair.
Can you imagine telling stories so wild and fabulous
can you imagine how rich and exciting they must be.

If you would like to hear her stories and hold her sweet hand while she tells her tales 
she is ready to find a home that she can fill with magic and light.

Send an email to me at if you would like to buy her.
Please include your name in your note.
You will receive a confirmation email .

This offer will be open for 24 hours, after that time a name will be randomly drawn.
You will be notified by email if your name is drawn.

Annie has found a home.
Thanks so much

The Details:
Annie is 16.5" tall, a very slim well stuffed doll who can easily sit unsupported.
She is my first doll with ears, my first doll using this new pattern.
Her hair can be styled any way you want and can be combed with the special comb she will bring with her.

She is of course made from the best materials I can find, cotton knit skin fabric, Tasmanian wool stuffing, her face is hand embroidered and her hair is a hand made wig of mohair wefts.

She is wearing a soft and sweet Broderie Anglais  smock and vintage linen bloomers.
Her scarf is knitted from Noro woollen yarn and fastens with a small wooden button.
She has cotton striped socks and wool and silk mix hand knit boots.

Annie and her clothes are fully hand washable.
This doll is not recommended for children aged 3 years or younger and would most suit an older child who can understand her wild and crazy stories.

Thanks so much for your wonderful support of my work and creativity.

3 Responses to “Annie, looking for a home”

  1. Was she inspired by Anne of Green Gables? The hair and the stories brought her to my mind immediately!

    1. She just came from my imagination but I'm sure she would be a good friend to Anne Shirley


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