A little shed in the garden

5 Oct 2013


Saturday morning and just Darby and Joan here all on their lonesome with four cats, a dog, 3 hens and a duck.
Actually Darby is still in bed, just Joanie is up and about.


Yesterday Katie went to Hobart to spend the weekend with her big brother so all my children are in the same city and it isn't the one that I live in.
The shape of things to come, Kate has only two more years at school.

Kate's bike

So today I will no doubt spend a good many hours working on custom dolls that need to be finished and those that need to be started.
I realised last night that  I only have about 7 weeks before Andy comes home from Uni and needs his bedroom back so I will try to work like a crazy woman in that time to have everything finished that I want to get finished.

my coffee cup is stuck in the 90s

A friend came round yesterday and suggested we buy a small prefab shed to put in the back yard to house my business and free up the areas of the house that I have taken over.
 What a great idea. 
Probably also an expensive idea and perhaps in winter a rather cold idea. 
Something to think about though.

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5 Responses to “A little shed in the garden”

  1. I love those little outhouses! I wish it was Saturday morning here...instead, it's Friday, and I'm very tired today!

    1. It will be Saturday soon. I love Saturday mornings!

  2. A little shed sounds like fun! We have a shed but it full to the rafters with tools and furniture waiting to be fixed and is also home to two brushtail possums a mum and her half grown baby. I'm in the same boat as you my youngest will finish school in two years - no more school lunches after 25 years

  3. I'm thinking about a shed too with the same reservations. I will watch with interest to see what you decide . We won't have a problem with possums but there might be badgers and foxes

  4. One of my sisters has one - she used to make bears in it before she went back to full-time work. It is really well insulated so it was warm in winter, as I remember. Also being transportable, with no "proper foundations" she didn't need council permission to have it there. It's a good idea......you can just shut the door on the mess! I don't think it was very expensive, but it was a while ago when she got it.


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