a change on the way

25 Oct 2013

I've got that 'a change is coming' feeling again.
like I am going to start thinking about things differently
I think it is mainly to do with work 
but it could be to do with how I manage family life, slight priority shifts
perhaps it's the impending holidays when the house will refill
perhaps it's really feeling like a grown up, which happens every now and then.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I'm spending a lot of time at the moment just quietly working away at my dolls
well I'm always spending a lot of time doing that 
but I feel as though I am getting inside to the heart of my dolls more just now
 and they are getting into my heart too
it feels very right, 
it has always felt right but now it feels very right

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

so this change is just coming over me, I have no control and I haven't been looking for it
it's a very calm take over, I welcome it
I'm not questioning it
I'm embracing it, nodding yes and being led to wherever it is I am supposed to be.

One Response to “a change on the way”

  1. I completely understand this shift you describe so well. Whilst my amily is, undeniably, my priority, I do feel so much more centred when making my hares and mice. It is work, true, but such a pleasure to create something with a little soul and a pice of my heart within. Enjoy your beautiful doll-making.

    Warm wishes from rance,



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