25 Sep 2013

You have met Joey before, he is the sweetest little one who has so much curiosity and so much imagination that the world is always a truly marvellous place whether it is raining or sunny, snowy or windy, it is all a great big adventure.

And a truer friend you will never find. He may take a little while to get to know but one day you will realise you are the very best of friends and you won't remember when it was any other way.

Joey is looking for a home and best friend today, in just  a few hours time.
He is part of a Showcase of dolls all made by Australian dollmakers.
Our group is called For the Love of Dolls and we all make natural fibre dolls.
You can see the Showcase dolls here
and you can see Joey's listing here

There are lots more pictures of Joey on Flickr

Joey is a 17" doll made from all natural fibres in the Waldorf tradition;  
cotton knit skin fabric, Tasmanian wool stuffing, Wensleydale locks secured to a crochet cap for hair and hand embroidered face including sad eyes.

He is wearing denim pull on shorts, a white cotton knit long sleeve tshirt, a hand knit aran style pullover with wooden buttons at the neck and hand knit woollen boots.

The puppy is not included.

Joey is not recommended for children aged three years or younger and would most suit a child 6 years and older or an adult collector.

Joey and his clothes are fully hand washable.

2 Responses to “Joey”

  1. How lucky Joey is to have such a beautiful knitted jumper. Hope he soon finds a loving home.
    PS. LOVE that puppy!

  2. Gorgeous boy, and I agree that his sweater is beautiful!


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