wishing and hoping

23 Sep 2013

Loungeroom table, Monday morning as I opened the curtains.
The left overs of my daughter's well spent weekend, a pleasing mix of fun with friends 
and peaceful at home time. 
A sixties themed party where she wore flowers in her hair and a gorgeous hot pink linen dress that was my mum's back in the day. 

My weekend was more about tidying, sorting, organising, football watching, coffee and old magazine browsing, gardening, knitting, talking with my boys  and mostly being grateful for a return to normality after weeks of worry about Stephen's health.

Oh and I think we lost a chook as well through a bizarre series of events which ended with a small white dog chasing a beautiful black hen the length of the garden in the stunning twilight 
and Little Red has not been seen since.
 I'm hoping she went over the fence to safety, I'm hoping she didn't meet a sad end. 
I'm wishing there was a way to make a little white dog not be such a prat around chooks.

UPDATE: Little Red has been found alive and well but she refuses to be caught and won't go back into the safety of  the chook run... fast losing patience with crazy chook.

7 Responses to “wishing and hoping”

  1. Glad to hear you have had good news Jenny. Waiting can be so very hard.

    cheers Kate

    1. The waiting is definitely the hardest part

  2. Very happy to know that Stephen's had good news.

  3. Gosh, hope everything is OK, sorry you had a scare!
    Tania in Melbourne

  4. Worry like that eats into every moment of your day; so good for you all that the news is good.
    Our son's 8 month old Kelpie x has taken a liking to stalking little skinks in our garden, I have had to rescue a couple of them as she tries to play with them on the grass.


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