waiting for the table

11 Sep 2013

So my little Shabby Granny Very Jenny loungeroom is all neat and ready, 
waiting for a table to be delivered that probably won't fit 
and will cause the whole house to be reorganised.

I know when people show photos of their house they usually don't show the television and there are not usually any cords hanging around but we all know that's not the way most people live, so you will just ignore the signs of normal life and look at the big picture won't you.

The fairy lights are still up from last Christmas because we thought they were pretty.
The bunting is there from Kate's birthday and who knows how long it will stay.
The poor old leather chesterfield snuggles under charity shop rugs because it's cracking and tearing and showing it's age.

The doiley is from the op shop, the glass with the candle was made by Kate just last week, Snoopy is from my childhood, the tall china duck was a gift from Stephen a long time ago, the blue and white duck was from Stephen's mum, the felted knitted ducks we bought from a hand craft market.
The painting is from a local artist and was a gift last Christmas or the one before, those dinky little photo frames I bought a hundred year ago and beyond them, the little praying figures are from my childhood.

The grey leather chair was bought for Dad when he was in the nursing home 
though I think he only sat in it once. 
It's not my favourite chair but it's comfortable.

The standard lamp belonged to my parents back in the late 1960s and we have had it for about 30 years or so. The shade is from the op shop and doesn't sit straight because it was knocked over one too many times. I made the fabric cover for it.
The wooden stool near the lamp was made for  Kate by a couple of her friends, the aqua doiley is from a huge bag of doileys I scored at a school fair, the glass dish on it is from my brother who brought it back from Sweden for me, the little toys are handmade from Gingemelon.
The chair beside the fire belonged to Nonna, the grandmother of our neighbours and mum bought it when Nonna died and gave it to me for my birthday some years ago, the rugs on it are from the op shop, the cushion from the market .
Katie keeps her manicure bits and pieces on the little shelf near the mantlepiece.

The clock on the mantle piece is about the same age as the house and was bought from the guy up the street who has an antique clock shop, the cedar box on the far end is a writing box that Stephen made for his brother's 21st but never gave to him.
The pictures above the mantle are Margaret Preston prints given to me by my sister and there is another print by a local artist near the clock.The stool with the pink legs was bought from a garage sale way back in the 1980s when we lived in Melbourne

I just realised I know the history of every item in this room.
Hope the table gets here soon.

6 Responses to “waiting for the table”

  1. Jenny that was a lovely look at your most adorable and comfortable looking loungeroom. I love that all the pieces in there have a story that you are able to tell. I love that it's pink! I'd never get pink past the boys in this house. I can't wait to see the table.

    cheers Kate

  2. What a lovely cosy room Jenny! I love that you remember where everything came from. I would like to sit on the Chesterfield sofa by the window and knit or crochet. It looks like a lovely place to be.

  3. Such a pretty cosy room, I love that pink too.

  4. Thank you for inviting me into your home today. I love all the light from your wonderful window!

  5. It all looks wonderfully cosy! Hope you don't have to wait too long for your table - looking forward to seeing it in situ! Maggie x

  6. Love your room Jenny...very cozy....blessings


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