23 Sep 2013

I am the mother of sons, two beautiful young men now in their early twenties who were once the sweetest, most curious, hilarious, gentle, sweaty and strong, imaginative, dear little ones who stole my heart and have never given it back.
 Until they were 5 and 8,  until their sister arrived, there were just the two of them.

I am the mother of sons and I remember that torrential rain meant collecting chestnuts, gumnuts and walnut shells to race in the water rushing down the guttering by the edge of our quiet road.

I remember that curiosity sometimes lead to near disasters particularly the one where the power cord was cut with scissors.

I am the mother of sons and I remember the gentleness and tenderness they showed to their favourite toys
 and to their pets 
and eventually their baby sister.

I remember their giggles and wrestles and fights and tree climbing.

I am the mother of sons and I will never forget how much love those sweet sometimes dirty little faces could make me feel,
they could melt my heart in an instant.
 They still do.

9 Responses to “Sons”

  1. Lovely photos of your lovely sons and beautiful sentiment :)

  2. Just one girl here (Kate's age), but I love hearing about your boys.
    Tania in Melb

  3. That is beautiful Jenny, I am the mother of 2 sons also. Mine are a little younger than yours, 17 and 19.

    cheers Kate

  4. This is one of the most beautiful things I have read in a long time. I am the mother of three sons (and one daughter) that are now all in their late twenties/early thirties. I SO loved having my boys and was always touched by their gentleness and utter sweetness. And I love having those near disasters to laugh about now:the fire they started in the driveway when I told them they could rub two sticks together, thinking this would amuse them for quite awhile, but that they took to mean that they could use wooden matches - which are sticks, technically; climbing into the truck while we were loading firewood, playing at driving, and taking off the emergency brake - which caused the truck to roll partway down a hill, narrowly missing the baby and the cat; climbing so high in trees that they waved to me through the window as I looked up while putting away clean laundry on the second story of the house (which was on a hill, so actually they were much higher than two stories. And all this was while they were quite small - well under the age of eight. How did I not have a heart attack?

    These boys can still melt my heart like nothing else. It is amazing to see them with small families of their own, still so gentle.

  5. Ah, sons, we have one and how blessed we are. Why is that boys attract dirt, like loud noises and love fast cars or motor bikes? But then would we have them any other way?
    Our son has just returned from the UK, where he spent time with his older sister, hopefully they will have special memories of their time together. Beautiful words Jenny, thank you for making me stop and count my blessings.

  6. Yes, two sons. 20 and 18 now. I remember with SUCH joy their childhood years. We were all just together for this weekend, and it felt so - whole - again.

  7. Oh yes! Sons are just wonderful :) Thank you for reminding me how sweet they can be . . . mine are in those awkward years- 11 and nearly 14. Now, instead of those gentle pats I used to get, I get an odd, side-ways 'body shove' from my Oldest. He's bigger and stronger than me, and it really does hurt a bit, but I know he's saying, " I love you" the best he can right now.

  8. I have four sons. My oldest is graduating tjis year from highschool. I miss when they were babies! You're right, they still have our hearts. Beautiful writing! I must go get my journal....


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