Sharing and Simple Lists

5 Sep 2013


Maggie and I thought it might be nice to share some of the blogs I am enjoying at the moment.

I have to admit first though  that I haven't been much of a blog reader for most of this year. 
Just a snippet here and a snippet there.
 This past few weeks though I have been reading more regularly and enjoying it.

So here is a simple list, I like a simple list.

and two tumbler blogs

I find I particularly like blogs that don't in any way try to tell me or teach me
 how to live my life, 
they just share. 
I like sharing.

It seems I like sharing and simple lists.

ps - I forgot to say that i would love to hear of any blogs that you are loving at the moment...

2 Responses to “Sharing and Simple Lists”

  1. A blog I am very stuck on at the moment is decor to adore: she does much with little $$$.

  2. After yours, I like Ivy Nest (another Tania), Brocante Home, Meet me at Mikes and Down to Earth.
    Tania in Melb


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