Milly Molly Mandy at the Spring Fair

17 Sep 2013

It was the annual school fair on Saturday and it was perfect weather for it though as always there was a sneaky breeze there on top of the hill.

My first stop was the second hand book stall but there wasn't much there of interest. 
Although we were there early I think the dealers had already been through and snavelled the best as usual.

I did find this little Milly Molly Mandy book though 
and although it is a recent publication, it matches the 75th Anniversary book 
we gave Kate for her third birthday.

The very best part of the MMM books has got to be the map of the village.
Just wonderful don't you think. 
A little world drawn for you so you know just where everything is and can imagine your own adventures.

The new little book only has black and white pictures but that's OK
 because I have all the lovely colours in the big book.

Here is a lovely article about Joyce Lankester Brisley and the Milly Molly Mandy books
 which were, by the way, my mum's favourite books when she was a young girl.

4 Responses to “Milly Molly Mandy at the Spring Fair”

  1. I don't know these books, how is that possible!!?? Now I must go searching!!

  2. Oh Jenny, these were some of my favorite books when I was a child. Oh, the memories. Thank you. Kaye

  3. Whenever I find these books second hand, I always check to see if other little girls coloured in their copies, just like I did over 40 years ago. I still have mine, and cringe to see what a mess I made of my beloved books with chalk and oil pastels...but I am almost always secretly reassured to find those secondhand copies are similarly defaced. We all loved MMM!


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