Lucky me!

18 Sep 2013


These little Jammy Kisses have won my heart.
Such a long time spent in my head and  in my thoughts that now working with them is such a joy.
It's as though the doll has possessed me and directs my hands if that makes any sense.

A long long time ago when I had made only a few waldorf dolls
 and was also making lots of rag dolls I tried to combine the two 
and the result was not how I saw it in my head and  it was very unsatisfying. 

That must be about 13 years ago, 
that's how long this doll has been in my head,
 bubbling to the surface every now and then.

 Lately though, over the past few weeks, this new style of doll has been getting more insistent,
whizzing around in my head
 and then tip toeing and then stomping 
and then sleeping 
and then they stepped out from behind the tree covered in spring blossoms and showed me just what they look like 
and  whispered their name...
Jammy Kisses.
I'm so lucky!


8 Responses to “Lucky me!”

  1. They are utterly adorable. I can just imagine how good they are to snuggle with, whether you are a small person or a big person...

  2. Those cheeks! Those feet! What perfection!

  3. just wonderful! the perfect amount of floppiness.

  4. Such a wonderful story - you are really amazing! These Jammy Kisses are so LJW-style... so beautiful and perfectly made and really unique! All the best from the other side of the world :)

  5. Jenny I've watched this revelation with so much interest! The Jammy Kisses dolls are Jenny dolls to a T! (Or is that a J? :) )

  6. I am also in love. It is such a joy to watch you bring these little sweeties to life. I so look forward to your blog. It puts a smile on my face every time. Thanks Jenny.

  7. I love your dolls very much. I'm trying to make my own pattern too. Hope it won't last 13 years (lol) Thank you for sharing your story.

    Best Regards,

    Juffrouw Mier (


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