26 Sep 2013

I received the most delicious parcel in the post the other day.
A parcel from a long time blog reader, Karen.

A lovely Lucie Attwell book with two doileys slipped under the cover and all wrapped in the most perfect supper cloth held in place by three button pins.

What a treasure of a parcel to open, it made me so happy.

It seems I now have four Lucie Attwell books though I know there is another one or maybe two in hiding but despite my best efforts they refuse to show themselves.
Maybe I only ever imagined them.
Anyway, more than two is a collection and that makes me very happy.

The oldest book in this stack, the one at the bottom is my brother's Lucie Attwell annual, from 1957 I think when he was just one year old.
The next two I bought on ebay and of course the top book is my lovely gift.

Thank you so much Karen.
You are a very generous soul.

3 Responses to “generosity”

  1. Obviously Karen knew that you would love & appreciate such a gift. I love the drawing of everyone decorating the Christmas tree.

  2. I was happy to find the book such a good home.

    Cheers, Karen near Gympie.


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