10 Sep 2013

Gabriella, last night , relaxing on my work table and dreaming about fabrics and colours and styles.
One day, I think, this little girl would like to be an artist, 
she holds the dreams of every young child who sees the world swathed in glorious colours and textures, 
who neglects the details in favour of how the colours make her feel.

Maybe that was you. 
Was it? 
Were you the child filling your painting paper with colours just to see how the colours would make you feel.
Did you have a favourite combination of colours?
Perhaps  rainbow was your favourite colour ?

I think my favourite colour has always been blue but I do love red and yellow too.

Gabriella will be available by auction later in the week

4 Responses to “Gabriella”

  1. Such a pretty girl and I love her dress...


  2. Jenny, you have moved your art to a new level in the last year or so - don't you feel that too?

    1. Thank you and yes I do feel I have developed a lot over the past 12 months


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