Easy reading

7 Sep 2013

Election Day in Australia though if you listen to the news and read the papers
 it's a done deal and we don't need to vote 
except to buy a sausage at the sausage sizzle and maybe a treat from the cake stalls.

I was awake early answering the call of nature, the call of a cat at the front door that is, trying to knock it down to get inside for some breakfast.

It wasn't particularly cold at 6am but there were glowing coals from last night's fire so I added a little kindling and some paper, popped out to the kitchen to put the kettle on and then out the back door to get some firewood and got cosy beside the fire with my book.
 Not a literary masterpiece but lots of fun and lovely images of the Cotswold's villages. 

I followed a recommendation from Alison and I am enjoying the easy reading.

Happy weekend everyone!

3 Responses to “Easy reading”

  1. I love the glimpses into your life Jenny. It always looks so idealic, so calm & peaceful. I'm sure like all of us it has its ups & downs, but I still like to dream of being as calm & focused on what I love as you appear to be. You are a self care role model.
    Oh & my big boy has a room at Jane franklin for next year. Now to sell my kidney. Lol

    Cheers Kate

  2. I think Andy is moving out of Jane at the end of the year, he has enjoyed it there though.

  3. thanks for the book recommendation- some easy reading sounds perfect!


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