Custom Dolls

13 Sep 2013

Making custom dolls is kind of a cosy thing to do. 
Working with one particular person in mind, someone you might know a little or a lot about. 
Some commissioned dolls are for children, some for adults, some clients are quite specific about skin tone, eye and hair colour, hair styles 
and some just leave the whole thing up to me.

Such trust put into my hands makes me happy. 
I know what I can do and they know what I can do.
It's a cosy arrangement.

I have lots of custom dolls to make between now and Christmas.
Each new doll, has to potter around in my head for quite some time before I start to pull it all together and then it's on, the making begins.

This is Lola and Eddie, twin brother and sister.
Their clothes will be next and a couple of toys each and then on to the next doll on my list.

My custom list will reopen in March of next year.

2 Responses to “Custom Dolls”

  1. Little Bo Peep lollies! Auntie used to bring us those when she visited.

  2. Beautiful and heartwarming dolls, as always, Jenny.



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