7 Sep 2013

I love buttons.
Imagine a time when all clothes were fastened with buttons or draw cords.
And maybe some hooks and stitched loops.

Imagine making the family's clothes and recycling buttons from out grown or worn out clothes and using them on the next set of clothes.

The tradition of the button tin runs through many a household, is the tradition still there or is it dying out.
I have way more buttons than I can ever use but I love them and was very pleased when I found this misplaced jar of mostly white buttons, many just shirt buttons, lots of vintage buttons, lots of shell buttons.

When I was a child I loved sifting through and sorting the buttons in mum's button tin and my auntie Maisie's button tin. 
My children spent many hours sorting buttons by colour, size, attractiveness, early maths skills I guess.

I'm thinking that buttons were very precious to the pioneer women of many continents who were charged with keeping family and home together, fed, clothed, healthy and good.
Wouldn't it be wonderful to discover a pioneer button tin.

One Response to “Buttons”

  1. I remember the button tin.....choc full of wonderful treasures that we used to pore over for hours! I even remember the tin very well - it was a red toffee tin with kittens on top!


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