Ashley Green goes to School

13 Sep 2013

Not Prairie or pioneer wisdom but some gorgeous children, some from the country and some evacuees from the city, at a wonderful two teacher school in rural England during WWII. 
I enjoyed this film so much.


I found the film here

3 Responses to “Ashley Green goes to School”

  1. Thank you so much for that link Jenny, I really enjoyed that, it reminded me so much of Miss Read's books. Have you read them?

    1. Rose I have two Miss Read books that I found at the op shop but I haven't read either of them

  2. Oh gosh! All I could think of was Miss Dorothy Watson and Miss Agnes Fogarty from Thrush Green by Miss Read! The tea scene was priceless - Miss Read to the life! A real find. Every teacher should be made to watch so they can appreciate how much easier their lives are today. We should be ashamed of teaching our children so little.


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