a job well done

27 Sep 2013


Jammy Kisses all round.
Did you know my initials are JAM?
Did you know that when I first started my business I tried to come up with a name that used my initials but couldn't think of anything I really liked and so I went with the name my granny used to call me?
I think, given the time it has taken me to finally get this style of doll to this stage, I think it is fitting that it has my initials as part of its name.

Did you know my mum makes the best apricot jam and uses the apricots she grows in the garden?
She also makes really nice Kiss biscuits.
Do you know what Kiss biscuits are?
They look just like these but not sure if that is the same recipe.
I will have to get the recipe from mum and share it with you.
Please remind me if I forget.

In the mean time, my Jammy Kiss dolls are just about ready to find their new homes.
I will let you know when they are available.





8 Responses to “a job well done”

  1. Love the Jammys and the idea behind their name! All three of these girls are so very sweet, hard to pick a favorite...but I think we have! <3

  2. I love these little girls ,your work is so beautiful .My granddaughters play with the dolls I bought from you so much.They love there's too.

  3. They are so adorable. I love the decorative machine stitching on the aprons and I always adore the little knitted booties your dollies wear.

  4. I am in love! Is it wrong to wish with all my heart for a dolly when I am nearly 40? I just feel that with a hot water bottle, flannel nighty and a soft dolly to snuggle all my troubles would melt away!

  5. I love them! I really want one (and I am 52!). You are so clever Jenny.

  6. Oh, their unruly, fairy flossy hair, how gorgeous! Such sweet clothes for these little sprites, I love them all. You are a true artist, Jenny.
    Someone is going to be thrilled to own and love them. It must be hard to part with them!?

    - Joolz xx


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