A Jammy Kiss

15 Sep 2013

 This is Jassie, she was an experiment to see if the doll that has been in my head for weeks, months and years could be come a reality.

I wanted Jassie to have all the flexibility and floppiness of a rag doll, 
like the ones I used to make out of calico
 but I wanted to use the waldorf techniques and materials.

I just love how she turned out.
She is just for me but I will make another, maybe with a few little changes.

I have called this new style Jammy Kisses.
 She still needs her knitted hat and then she is done.
The prototype Jammy Kiss.

more pictures here

5 Responses to “A Jammy Kiss”

  1. Just love her. Utterly precious, everything a doll should be. Will be watching for the next one...

  2. You are such a doll artist, Jenny! Jassie looks so sweetly huggable...the perfect doll companion :-)


  3. She is lovely Jenny. A perfect dolly companion for a little girl.

  4. I love this style! I love the softness but the simple waldorfness of her... And her hair!!! Simply beautiful :)


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