Very sweet doll in need of a good home

31 Aug 2013

I waited all day yesterday for Jenny to knit me some gum boots
 and in the end all she made me was some polka dot knickers but today she has come through like a champion.

Ta dah!, Yellow gumboots!

And a yellow rain bonnet!!!

I am so excited , now I can go and splash in some puddles!

Poor Millie she looked here, there and everywhere but couldn't find any puddles, 
she just got hot and bothered and a little bit cross.
Then she saw a little bird on top of a tall tower 
and it was splashing water everywhere so she climbed up to take a look...

Water, a puddle, sort of. 
She climbed down again and got her rain bonnet 
and last thing I saw was a whole lot of splashing, a giggling girl 
and  a slightly perturbed blackbird who wanted to have a bath.

Millie is a 12" ( 30cm) Best Friend style little jenny wren doll made by me 
with lots of love and care and quite a few giggles.
She is a natural fibre doll made in the waldorf tradition; cotton knit skin fabric, wool stuffing, hand embroidered face and her hair is wefted and hand dyed mohair locks made into a wig by me and then stitched to her head.

She is wearing a cotton gingham dress with a felted wool hand stitched applique duck at the hem, she has red and white polka dot knickers, crocheted wool and wool felt gumboots and a handknit wool rain bonnet.

Millie is looking for a home with puddles and fun.
She is not suitable for children aged 3 years or younger and I think she would best suit an older child or adult collector.
Millie and her clothes are fully handwashable.

If you would like to give Millie a home please email me at
She is $315AUD plus shipping ( $12 within Australia, $20 international)
The name of her new family with be drawn at random and you will be notified by email.
Thanks so much.

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