3 Aug 2013

So many wonderful stories, I can't tell you how much happiness you gave me and everyone who read your stories. If I could give everyone a little doll I would but of course as they say, there can only be one winner and that was Suzy Mae whose daughter Boo wrote such a lovely story...
If you could email  me, Suzy Mae and Boo, with your details and I will pack little Maeve up and send her home. My email address is littlejennywrendolls@live.com.au

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Tilly and she lived in a sweet little cottage in a sweet little garden. There she had a cat named Florence and a little doll named Maeve. Tilly would take Maeve with her EVREYWHERE, to the park, to the seaside and even to the zoo. Today wasn’t a very happy day. Tilly pressed her nose against the glass on the window as she dug her fingers into Florence’s fur. It was raining, Tilly held on tight to Maeve, which comforted her. Daddy was out and Tilly could not go out to the park or the zoo and definitely not the seaside. She wanted to go one her bike out with her friends but she could not do that either and as it was beginning to rain a lot. Then there was a storm. Tilly and Maeve did not like that, not at all. She ran to mummy who was felting a crown and Tilly hid behind her, “Tilly what is the matter? Are you sacred of the thunder?” “Yes Mummy” said Tilly. 
“Mummy what is the rains purpose?” Mummy looked in Tillys eyes. “All it does is ruin the day and stop you from going to the sea side.” “The rain has many reasons” said mummy. “It might stop you from going to the sea but it helps the flowers grow and makes the rivers flow for fish to swim in.” As mummy said that Maeve slipped out of Tillys hand and went outside. The rain felt lovely and pitted and patted on her dress as she ran down the path. She thought of oceans and adventures and wide rivers as she ran. Suddenly she slipped down a grassy bank and fell, plop, into a yellow teapot that was floating down a stream. Inside the tea pot lived a little girl as small as her. Her name was Arriety and she was a borrower. The teapot flowed from stream to river to sea to river to stream to puddle in the middle of a beautiful garden. A lady with a happy smile found her rather soggy and took her inside for a nice cup of tea and a sandwich for she was rather hungry after such a long journey! Maeve, thanked Arriety for the hospitality as Arriety departed for more adventures as Maeve settled in to play with some new doll friends. But soon she felt a small tremble in her tummy as she remembered Tilly and Florence, and the park and the seaside and the zoo. She was homesick and would have to find a way to get back somehow, but how?....

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  1. Thank you so much!!! We've been out all day and came home to this lovely surprise! I have an overjoyed little girl who fell in love with Maeve as soon as she saw her and had so much fun writing her story, yet never imagined (given how wonderful all the other stories were) that she would possibly be chosen :)
    Thank you again... She can't stop smiling :)
    Suzy Mae

  2. Congratulations to your little winner....I am sure your little doll will be very happy with her new home....thanks again for the fun of a great give away...blessings


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