4 Aug 2013

the cut glass bowl
the cut glass bowl

newspaper crosswords
the newspaper crosswords

still life with kitchen sponge
still life with kitchen sponge


recovery chocolate
recovery chocolate

tired dog
tired dog

last night Katie had her 16th birthday party with her friends
she chose to have a dinner party, we shared the cooking
we don't have a dining room
well we have dining room but it is our loungeroom and doesn't have a table
so we cleared the room and brought in the outside table
this morning with most of the furniture missing and the sunlight on the aqua blue table
it was like we lived  in a new house

breakfast was slow and individual
the window was open and the birds were singing
there were papers and magazines and quiet
time for recovery

by the way have you ever read the Cut Glass Bowl
I'm sure you will enjoy it.
It's available online

eventually the couch became mine to knit an elephant
 and read snippets about the loveliness of Japan 
and snooze

Camping on the couch

One Response to “snippets”

  1. Hi Jenny,
    Happy birthday to Katie!
    I've read Flappers and Philosophers, but thanks for the link to that great site. I lovelovelove a good book in my hands, but it's nice to have such an amazing selection just a click away.


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