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23 Aug 2013

Knit cap with handspun yarn strands an integral part of the cap and some hooked in to fill the gaps

I have always knitted the caps that are the base for my dolly wigs because I am a knitter.
 Most dollmakers use a crocheted cap.
 I even know how to knit a cap so that the strands of hair are an integral part of the cap rather than hooked in. 

Mollie Rose
hand made wefts crocheted into a wig

More recently when making wigs from commercial wefts or handmade wefts I have had to get comfortable with making a crocheted cap because that is what is needed to make a wig from those materials.

commercial wefts crocheted into a wig

I'm happy that I learned a new skill but there is something I have been trying to do for a very long time, at least 12 months probably more like 2 years and that is make a knitted cap where locks of fleece could be added and become an integral part of the cap rather than having to hook them into the cap later.

Locks hooked into a knitted cap

There is a process called thrumming used in knitting and crochet to add an extra fluffy layer to a mitten or sock but it is still possible to pull the pieces of fleece out until they felt together, not desirable in a dolly wig.

I was fiddling around with the thrumming process last night and getting very frustrated when I ' invented' a new way of doing it and lo and behold the pieces of fleece stayed put and I was able to knit a wig of beautiful mohair locks.

Now to do a couple more to refine the process and see where I go from there.

Oh I do love dollmaking!!

mohair locks knitted into a cap to make a doll wig.

5 Responses to “research and development”

  1. You talent is astounding!! I think I have fallen in love with every doll of yours I've seen.

  2. I am also a knitter and having to refine crochet skills for the purpose of wig making. I'm still a novice with making wigs though so I would have no hope of getting to the stage you're at!

    I'll admit I'm a little bit jealous! Your wig looks gorgeous as usual.

  3. Your dollies are reaching perfection Jenny and I LOVE the way you style their hair. Always a joy to visit and a smile is guaranteed. A little envious you are looking forward to spring and we are sliding rather too quickly into autumn. Have a great weekend. Eli x

  4. ciao sto cercando di imparare a fare le parrucche con il tuo ultimo metodo, mi puoi spiegare per favore come agganci le ciocche al filo o alla cuffietta a uncinetto? grazie mille
    complimenti per le tue creazioni

    1. The last wig is knitted and the locks are twisted and licked with the yarn. Mostly though I make a weft with the locks, that is stitch them into a long strand with the sewing machine and then crochet them along with some yarn into a cap, My friend Gabi has made a tutorial on the technique
      good luck


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